@beacon is the best way to keep apprised of new product developments and to discuss tricky technical problems with the best and brightest of the Nanite Systems User Group. Hosted every second Saturday at Eisa Botanical Gardens by the NS Executives, each event runs 1 hour, typically from 2 PM SLT to 3 PM SLT, and may include things like info about ongoing development efforts, sneak previews of upcoming releases, progress on tackling tricky bugs, news for the Eisa roleplaying community, trivia about company history, and soliciting feedback or suggestions from users and units.

Events are typically heralded by a group notice a day in advance, and again by one shortly before the event begins. To get involved, make sure you're in the Nanite Systems User Group and that your viewer is capable of receiving our group notices. (Too many unclosed notices or offline IMs can prevent you from getting them—so be diligent!)

Logs from some previous @beacon events are available below. Some logs have been edited for presentability and to remove personal information shared at the events.