Xanadu Server Technologies Documentation
The Xanadu server technologies are a set of related infrastructure elements developed by Nanite Systems to facilitate the configuration and distribution of compatible devices. They include:

  • XPS (sometimes just called 'Xanadu'), the package distribution system and associated protocol.
  • XVS, the merchant platform for distributing hardware products and updates.
  • XNMS, the active directory network management system that allows a single point of configuration for enterprise organizations.

  • As these products are intended primarily for use by businesses, governments, and NGOs, a higher standard of support is available for issues relating to them. Responses to relevant emails through our official support channel are guaranteed within twelve hours.

    The Xanadu name was chosen in reference to the eponymous 1980 film, in which the protagonists overcome altogether trivial obstacles to achieve a greatness so lackluster it led directly to the creation of an awards ceremony for disappointing movies.

    The dream that came through a million years
    That lived through all the tears
    It came to Xanadu
    A million light are dancing and you are, a shooting star
    An everlasting world and you're here with me, eternally
    Xanadu, Xanadu

    The choice of name was also influenced by the X-series FM radio modem installed in all controllers manufactured after February 2015, which is used by XPS, XNMS, NRS, NSWS, LC, LEC, and a number of other data network services.

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