Interference from electromagnetic radiation
Three bands of high-energy radiation have been found to affect NEURON-series massively parallel processors and interlinks, including the AL3i and AL7c types commonly used in Nanite Systems SVSnet cortex hardware. These span both X bands and the gamma band, although Meissner shielding has been shown to be effective against all three.

bandenergyaffectscommon sources
gamma1.1–1.2 MeVcortex DEM and disk access (memory, identify, and GPS)airport scanners, gamma ray bursts, nuclear fission
hard X80–105 keVcortex CTL power regulation (mind)FTL wakes, nuclear fission
soft X3–7 keVAGT translation by cortex VOX (all speech)medical scanners

Important: Never expose your unit to a gamma-ray backscatter scanner at an airport while it is powered on. The unit will not remember why it is in the scanner or be able to recognize your authority to instruct it to leave the scanner.

More details about the cortex architecture and other sorts of malfunctions that can affect it are in Cortex architecture and common malfunctions.

Additionally, two frequencies are known to affect the chassis wiring, affecting both sensors and motor control like tuned antennae. These are unfortunately unavoidable realities for any robot body which must facilitate communications between internal devices such as synthetic musculature, servos, cameras, microphones, and touch sensors, so rather than attempt to obscure these frequencies by calibrating them differently, the company has chosen simply to publish them so that owners can take the necessary precautions to avoid incident. (Note that fiber optics are unsuitable due to a number of shortcomings regarding flexibility, power transmission, cost, durability, and redundancy.) Meissner fields and Faraday cages have been shown to be effective at mitigating or completely suppressing this interference.

bandenergyaffectscommon sources
EHF413 meV (99.93 GHz)signal transduction from sensorsFTL wakes, active denial weapons, short-range radar
UHF10 μeV (2.449 GHz) signal transduction to motorsmicrowave ovens