Certain operations, such as adding voice packs, editing personas, or modifying the OEM table may require direct manipulation of the files within the controller. This is typically accomplished with an Edit Tool, manufactured by Linden Research, or a compatible device.

Caution: The Edit Tool is very powerful and its misuse may severely damage your controller. Your warranty may not cover all possible errors caused by malfunctions or inadequate training when using the Edit Tool. Basic documentation for the Edit Tool and other Linden Research Build Tools is available online.

Note: The controller must have its safety bolts unlocked to edit its contents. These bolts can be unlocked with the terminal command bolts unlock (or @bolts unlock from the local command-line). By default, bolts will also unlock when the unit is powered down. In some cases, the controller may need to be disconnected from the unit to install new files (e.g. if they are non-transferrable.)

The table below lists the link numbers for the most popular 8.x platforms, along with information on how to locate the components in question. Link numbers may vary in other versions. Remember to enable Edit Linked Parts mode on your Edit Tool when manipulating the controller or you will only be able to access the contents of system memory. If you are using the Firestorm variant of the Linden Research viewer, then you can use the hotkeys ctrl-comma and ctrl-period to cycle through the controller's elements when Edit Linked Parts mode is enabled.

System case controller system memory user memory audio controller battery door
DAX/2 (and variants) 48 fanblade 1 screen frame 18 above battery 11 below screen 59
DAX/2m 9 top light ring 1 frame 12 below frame 3 below screen 5
SXD and SXDjr 53 fanblade 1 behind gauges 68 above battery 11 above left buttons 51
NS-112 2 inner battery socket 1 body 4 behind audio controller 6 below hatch 5
NS-476 20 above battery 1 body 23 below battery 19 above battery 26
NS-115 9 above battery 1 body 7 above battery 8 above battery 5
NS-409 7 above battery, inside case 1 base ring 22 above battery 8 in front of case controller 26
DAX/3 22 screen projection cone 1 main body 19 behind projector 20 behind user memory 21
DAX/3m3 battery door1 main body 5 behind left panel 4 above battery socket 3

See Understanding the system software architecture for more information on the functions and contents of each component.

For third-party controllers and rare models not listed here, such as the Yutani Springs XSU and Barthes Asset Control cranial drive, part numbers can be found by searching for certain code modules and part descriptions; user memory parts are commonly accompanied by a "program" descriptor, and audio controllers have the "speaker" descriptor. Battery door (containing "hinge" programs) and case controller parts (containing "fan" programs) may vary, or even be absent for certain models.