Typing animations

While an RLV chat redirect is active, typing animation and hints are not sent by your viewer. This is a design choice made by Marine Kelley. We believe this decision was made because the viewer cannot know in advance whether or not the script will allow or reject the chat input. As of version 2.3, RLVa (Firestorm 6.4.12) allows user control over this behavior.

  • Use the Black Dragon viewer. This viewer breaks with Marine's philosophy and sends type hints regardless of whether or not an RLV chat redirect is active. Black Dragon has many advanced and unique features, including graphics improvements and a pose editor, but it is not based on the Firestorm codebase and requires robust and current graphics hardware to work properly. Nanite Systems cannot provide support for Black Dragon-specific issues.
  • Other viewers that use RLVa, including Catznip and Firestorm, can directly disable this feature under the RLVa menu by turning on "Show Redirected Chat Typing". Make sure you have typing animations turned on in your viewer's preferences (e.g. Preferences > Chat > Typing for Firestorm) or this will not work fully.
  • Disable the chat redirect in your controller. This is called "released speech." You will not be able to use system commands, vox filters, or other features of the controller's input parsing facilities while chat is released. The audio subsystem power controls will continue to function.
  • Program a new typer. Companion sends the message working over the light bus when the unit speaks or emotes, and done when chat processing is complete. By monitoring for these messages, and perhaps adding a minimum delay to complete playing animations, the unit's chat can be used to trigger communication-indicating animations and other information. However, this solution cannot detect when chat starts, due to the design of RLV as noted above.