Where can I meet other NS users?
The following communities on Second Life are known to have substantial investment in Nanite Systems robotics and related products:
* Please note that some or all of the groups operating at these locations are considered extremist organizations by the Nanite Systems Security Division.
† Not vetted by company representatives.

(Want to get your community on this list? Drop Tamara Peluso a notecard in-world!)

You can also join the Nanite Systems User Group for prompt advice from other customers, news on upcoming releases, and occasional cameos by trained support personnel.

What? No IM groups? That's right—we don't have a Discord, Telegram, Slack, Skype, or any social media presence. This is a key part of our employee mental health policy. It also helps to ensure our customers continue to seek out quality interactions on the grid instead of falling back on experiences that may be more convenient but are less immersive. Social media has no room for our virtual reality products and services!