Mobility Kit
Are you ready to GO FAST? The Nanite Systems Mobility Kit is a great starting place for people and machines that want to experience some serious Gs but have no interest in large, bulky vehicles.

IMPORTANT: These ARE still vehicles. You can't use them if you can't rez them. The kit does not require an NS main controller, but RLV is strongly recommended, as it is used to auto-seat you without the use of a land-scope experience.

Getting started

Choose which version to unpack:

The App Version is an add-on application for an existing NS robot controller. Put the objects and "mobility" script into the user memory of your controller, and you'll be able to use the commands "@morph", "@fly", and "@mag" to activate it. The included gestures can be used to execute these commands for you.

The Device Version is a pair of boots or shoes that provides the same functionality, but its gestures work directly. The device version can be used without an NS main controller. Code for the script in this is provided full-permissions, so you can adapt it to your own gear. To use the device version, activate the gestures and one version of the VFT.388.m9 boots suitable for your avatar's mesh body. (Note that the male boots are somewhat different from the female boots. That's what we had to work with. If you want the rest of the costume, look for TealSwanMesh on the Marketplace, SKUs TS D75 and TS D76.)


The three movement styles are:

NS-3FBVX FLIGHT BOOSTER: Get airborne fast! The flight booster isn't much different from normal SL avatar flight, but it allows you to accelerate to much higher speeds, and can be used in areas where normal avatar flight is disabled.

NS-3KRVX FORMSPHERE: The last Metroid player is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace. Press Page Down to enter turbo speed mode, and Page Up to yeet yourself over obstacles. You may need to undeform your avatar after standing up from riding this thing. But boy oh boy is it good at tearing up race tracks.

NS-3MBVX MAGNETIC BOOTS: Walk on walls! Walk on the ceiling! Dance with Lionel Richie on the ceiling! Do not eat that upside-down cake! The magnetic boots work best if you have a gentle ramp to guide your avatar through turning; they can't be used to stick to surfaces at 90° angles. They're also bad with stairs, thin surfaces, elevators, and bumpy terrain. If you hear a rubber duck noise, get ready for some serious SL jank. Unfortunately the camera is a bit iffy when walking vertically, as SL's designers apparently never considered the possibility that someone might want to look at the world from upside-down unless they're in mouselook.

And last but not least: you can use NS Telos teleporter pads while the Formsphere or Magnetic Boots are engaged. Telos pads must be version 3.0 or later. (These were released a few months ago.)


All three of the movement gadgets use animations in some way. And they're all different.

FLIGHT BOOSTER: You probably don't want to mess with the animations in this, but you can replace them if you get full-permissions ones. Just make sure the names match.

FORMSPHERE: This uses a special animation to hide your body by displacing it as far as possible straight down. After dismounting from the formsphere you'll probably need to undeform your avatar and reset animations a couple of times. (We're still looking for a better solution, but this may not ever improve.)

MAGNETIC BOOTS: Partial AO loading from a notecard named "_ao". Compatible with Vista, Oracul (Kuso), and Zhao-II (TuTy's, Voir, and most other brands). This was coded in about ten minutes and tested precisely once, so let us know if it does anything strange...


Technical information for nerds:

The device version of this kit is similar to a (non-autoconf) flicker script. It has two extra lighting states, one for when the magnetic boots are unstable and another that displays for a brief moment after receiving the message "flash" on the light bus. Feel free to add "flash" (either generating or receiving it) to your other gadgets for a more exciting experience!