To set up the VL8 SuperCortex:

  1. Take off your hair.
  2. Wear "NS VL8 SuperCortex Assembly"
  3. Punch a hole in your head so it can be seen. Options:
    • Catwa head users should use the "SHOW/HIDE" buttons for the scalp, under the "ALPHA.LASHES TINT.NECK SIZE" section of the Master HUD. Make sure you turn off the weird meat-brain, too.
    • LeLutka's heads have a somewhat unappealing outline when the scalp is hidden; add the included alpha layer ("NS Cortex Alpha") for a better effect. This requires Bakes on Mesh to work. You absolutely 100% should know and love Bakes on Mesh by now.
    • The alpha may also be okayish on the default SL system head, marking the first time anything ever looked okayish on the system head.
    • Otherwise, it's not *that* hard to make a new alpha for yourself, or to trick someone else into doing it for you. UV templates can be found here.
  4. Resize the cortex using right click -> Edit (Hint: Hold Ctrl+Shift) so fits snugly and doesn't clip through at all, but isn't smaller than it needs to be.
  5. To experience the Cortex-based subsystem malfunctions, make sure you're running the latest versions of Companion and ATOS/E.

What the SuperCortex enables:

  • While the brain is removed, the unit cannot enable its Mind subsystem, for obvious reasons. This limits it to speaking via a handful of preset messages, which are designated by the active personality. To remove the brain, turn off the unit, click the cortex compartment to open the casing, and then click the brain itself. Replacing the brain is done much the same way.
  • Cortex-specific malfunctions as a random side effect of combat damage. These are detailed in the Robot Hardware Handbook.
    Unlike our classic Cortex module from the 2017 treasure hunt, the VL8 will notify the unit if it has brain damage when powered on, which will no doubt make diagnostics somewhat easier.
Note: after the brain is reinstalled, the MIND subsystem will not automatically activate. It must be re-enabled. Due to a long-standing (but now fixed) bug, OS builds from before May 27, 2021 may still act like the brain is missing if you do this using a power profile change, so enable the subsystem specifically.

Also in the box:
  • NS VL8 SuperCortex Processing Module: This is an unscripted prop version of the brain portion of the assembly. Any truly dignified robot-abusing sociopath should have at least one trophy case full of them.
  • NS VL8 SuperCortex Textures (Wear): All of the textures, or nearly all, used in the construction of the SuperCortex, including black and white alternative maps for the brain's exterior carapace in the event you're still haunted by the ghostly visage of a PDP-8.
  • Hair Cloak: This full-permissions script can be dropped into any modifiable unrigged hair attachment (and some rigged hair attachments) to make it togglable! Includes satisfying velcro noise.
Thank you for purchasing another horrifying assemblage of prims from Nanite Systems, even though it's literally the future already. Send all notecards demanding assistance to rhet0rica.resident.