Damage representation
Both the complete and add-on versions of ATOS (Advanced Tactical Operating System) support loading and unloading directories through the RestrainedLife protocol to visually represent damage the unit has taken. These should be named as follows:


If you have modified the 'path' setting through OEM chip customization, make the appropriate substitutions here. If these directories do not exist, create them.

Activation: each directory x represents the unit's state when it has at least x% health, so the "100" level is only used when the unit is not damaged at all, and the "60" level is employed when it has 60% to 79% health.

To add an asset to a damage state, copy it in the unit's main inventory (with Ctrl-C) and paste it as a link into the appropriate damage folder. (To paste a link, use the right click menu and choose "Paste as Link.") This must be done for each level in which the attachment or body part is employed.