OEM data files
Every unit contains several pieces of identifying information:

  • Its model type, e.g. SXD, DAX/2, DAX/2m, DAX/T, or NS-112 (for the Aide)
  • Its name prefix, which is usually the same as the model but may vary for model variants; see table below
  • Its colors, specified as color, color_2, color_3, and color_4. If some colors are missing, they will be copied from preceding colors.
  • Its name, more technically referred to as its nominal designator
  • Its serial (xxx-nn-nnnn) or serial prefix (xxx). Serial prefixes are reserved by model type. Specify the serial as a number without any punctuation, e.g. 999-59-2351 is written as 999592351 in the example below.
  • Its vendor, i.e. the company that manufactured and assembled the unit
  • Its authority, i.e. the organization responsible for managing it (see Miscellaneous preferences)
  • The RLV path, used by personas (see Personas) and other features such as ATOS damage representation and the local console. This defaults to "~NS" and always resides within #RLV. Values are strongly encouraged to begin with "~" (tilde) so that assets can automatically be transferred into it.

  • modelvendorname prefixserial prefixdefault colorserial orderingcommon name
    SXDNanite Systems CorporationSXD999companymanual
    DAX/2Nanite Systems CorporationDAX/2998companyrandom
    DAX/2mNanite Systems CorporationDAX/2998companyrandom"Mini"
    DAX/TTai Yong LabsTYL9971.0 0.7 0.8random
    iKittenRhapsody RoboticsiKitten9950.33 0.67 1random
    DAX/3Nanite Systems Corporationdax/3998companyrandom
    DAX/3mNanite Systems Corporationdax/3998companyrandom"Mini"
    NS-112Nanite Systems CorporationNS112amberrandom"Aide"
    NS-115Nanite Systems CorporationNS115companyrandom"Scout"
    NS-120Nanite Systems CorporationM/120companyrandom"Mesta"
    NS-226Nanite Systems CorporationNS226companyrandom"Hephaestus"
    NS-304Nanite Systems CorporationNS304companyrandom"Daybreak"
    NS-409Nanite Systems CorporationNF/34090 0.8 1random"Nightfall/3"
    NS-476Nanite Systems CorporationNS476companyrandom"Aegis"
    NS-478Nanite Systems CorporationNS478companyrandom"Revenant"

    All of this information can be specified centrally in the OEM license table, found in the _oem file in the main controller’s system memory. If values are not provided, the controller will generate default values for an NS-100 placeholder robot. The model, serial, and vendor cannot be changed any other way, although the prefix can be manipulated by a XNMS domain server. For instructions on how to edit files in system memory, see Managing packages and installed software in the Companion manual.

    To remove the prefix, use prefix NONE.

    An example OEM file:

    vendor Nanite Systems Corporation
    model SXD
    authority Nanite Systems Consumer Products
    serial 999592351
    color 0.5 0.5 1
    color_2 0.0 1.0 0.0
    color_3 1.0 0.0 0.0
    color_4 1.0 1.0 0.0
    name vict0ria
    prefix SXD
    path ~SXD

    To specify a serial prefix and permit random generation, provide only the first 3 digits of the serial number range desired. The OEM license table is reloaded when the foundation module is reset. The name, model, path and prefix fields must be ASCII.


    WARNING: Attempting to forge model identifier information to imply your unit belongs to a line that it does not may cause software or hardware malfunction. The model designator is used to determine the screen geometry for embedded screen peripherals, as well as the socket aperture for battery alignment. Model designation changes should only be performed after consultation with Nanite Systems support personnel or to facilitate franchising.

    Note: The path field defaults to ~NS. It is recommended that any custom value set here begin with a tilde ("~") to ensure that automatic console overlay delivery functions properly. (See RLV API documentation note)

    Reloading the OEM table

    Companion 8.4.0 and earlier: The OEM table is loaded when the foundation module, which represents the system's BIOS, is reset. The command reset foundation may be used by an owner at any time, or its equivalent menu entry, manage › modules › foundation.

    Companion 8.4.1–8.4.5: The foundation module will automatically reset if the OEM table changes.

    Companion 8.5 and later: The balance module will automatically reload the OEM file if it changes, without any module resets.

    Additional entries

    The OEM table can also contain system commands ("@ commands"), to be executed during the configuration phase of resetting the system's Foundation BIOS. For example,

    vendor Nanite Systems Corporation
    model SXD
    authority Nanite Systems Consumer Products
    serial 999545620
    color 1.0 0.0 0.5
    color_2 0.0 1.0 0.0
    color_3 1.0 0.0 0.0
    color_4 1.0 1.0 0.0
    name rhet0rica
    prefix SXD
    path ~SXD
    scheme boot 12

    The final line, scheme boot 12, adjusts the sound scheme used by the machine. This follows the syntax for the scheme command as documented in the command reference.

    Safeword control

    For some applications and markets, the safeword functionality may be undesirable. Add


    to the OEM table to disable this. For safety reasons, safeword cannot be disabled through any other means.