Configuring your unit
The manage menu contains a number of other settings, in addition to those described in User management and access control, that affect the unit’s behavior and appearance. These are summarized as follows:

menu item command description
identity > color
Sets the unit’s color. Accepted formats are:
  • r g b (in floating-point or byte notation)
  • #rrggbb
  • a preset color from the following list: red, yellow, green, blue, magenta, white, silver, cyan, amber, orange, company, cherry, pastel, daffodil, coral, seafoam, mint, blackberry, pink, acid, coffee
identity > name
Sets the unit’s name. The model prefix, e.g. “DAX/2,” will be prepended to all self-identification. See OEM data files for information on customizing the model prefix.
identity > authority
Sets the unit’s organization, e.g. the name of a company, tribe, or family. By default, this is blank for standard NS-branded units.

Enables or disables protection from electromagnetic disturbances that may sap power from the unit. Note: Depending on the firmware version used, this may require a consistent power draw to function and should be left off in safe environments.

feedback > notices
Determines whether or not the unit will report status messages such as power and user addition/removal in a given style:
  • 0: publically (at soft volume)
  • 1: privately (to the unit only)
  • 2: not at all
feedback > chorus
Enables or disables participation in the Chorus announcement system, which can be used via the announce application and certain devices to relay public notices throughout a region.

With the exception of color and verbosity, these settings can only be modified by a manager or the unit’s owner (see User management and access control).

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