New in Companion 8.4, the policies facility allows additional fine-grained control over a number of aspects of the unit that are popular with owners. These can be accessed through the manage > policies menu, or equivalently the policies command.

subsystems (power)Prevents changes to the unit's current subsystems (abilities) configuration or the loading of power profiles.
radio (SMS)Restricts instant messaging to owners-only or users-only when enforced.
personaPrevents the persona from being changed.
apparelPrevents the unit's clothing from being changed, unless through the #RLV inventory hierarchy.
voxPrevents vox filters from being added or removed.
curfewForces the unit to be in a certain region at a specific time of day. If the unit is not in that region at the appointed time, it will be teleported.


The curfew time and set home buttons in the manage > policies menu pertain to the curfew policy. Curfew time is specified in 24-hour HH:NN format and the SLT timezone, e.g. "12:01" = one minute after noon in GMT –7 (summer, when SLT = PDT) or GMT –8 (winter, when SLT = PST). The home location will set not only the region that the unit must be within when the curfew timer expires, but also the precise location to which it will be teleported in the event of non-compliance.

When the curfew time is reached and the unit is not where it should be, a short countdown will begin, and the unit will be notified that it is about to be teleported home. If the unit arrives in the home region before the timer expires, then the countdown will be aborted. The controller will attempt to take several steps to ensure the teleportation is possible, including forcibly unsitting the unit from any furniture (if possible), bypassing the subsystems policy, and enabling the teleport ("FTL") subsystem if necessary. It cannot override sit restrictions put in place by other prims, however, so the controller's own RLV relay (_restraint), which is in user memory and not system memory, will prevent teleporting home. As a general rule of thumb, curfew cannot be combined with off-the-shelf RLV furniture.

Access settings

For pagination reasons, the manage > policies menu also contains the access submenu, which is not part of the policy command and was previously its own section of the interface. See User management and access control for more details.