Companion permits selective control of individual power subsystems to conserve power when certain functionality is either not needed or not desired. These can be accessed from the subsystems menu, or manipulated with the power command.

To toggle a subsystem:

  • Via the display screen or teletype interface, simply select the subsystem in question. Some subsystems are organized under submenus for more convenience, or may cycle between multiple states to simplify access to dependent subsystems such as rapid movement.
  • Via the console, use the power <subsystem> command. Replace <subsystem> with the name of the subsystem you wish to toggle (see below.) Full information on the use of the power command can be obtained by typing “power” with no parameters.

  • subsystem name menu item provides the ability to... power draw requires...
    video video see 209 W
    audio audio hear 75 W
    move motors move 5 W (idle)
    159 W (walking)
    203 W (jumping)

    rapid motors move quickly and fly 5 W (idle)
    203 W (running)
    605 W (flying)
    teleport FTL warp to a new location 170 W (idle)
    237600 W (jump)
    voice volume speak 10 J per phoneme
    preamplifier volume speak at a normal volume 10 J per phoneme voice
    power-amplifier volume shout 80 J per phoneme voice
    mind mind speak freely† 121 W (idle) voice
    receiver network > SMS receive receive private text messages 22 W
    transmitter network > SMS send send private text messages 43 W
    GPS network > GPS determine location 58 W
    identify network > identify recognize others 32 W
    † See Input and commands for more information.

    Note that the subsystem names are case sensitive in the command-line interface.

    Tip: To cycle through volume states via the console, type volume cycle over the remote console. The volume level of the unit’s status messages will also be automatically adjusted.