Starting with SXD System 7.2, your unit supports custom user applications written in native LSL. These can be accessed from the applications menu via the display screen or the teletype interface. Applications may or may not provide commands accessible via the console; see Remote access for more information. Examples of applications from Nanite Systems include:

instructorImproves unit compliance with a provided rule-set.
announceProvides user access to the chorus broadcast interface throughout the region.
fl_vocabulary**Limits the unit’s speech to select words, or forbids the use of certain words.
fl_polyglot**Automatically translates the unit’s speech into another language.
scheduler*Performs actions and triggers reminders at specified dates and times.
consensus*Shares input data with nearby units (if similarly configured) to improve the clarity of decision making.

* Not yet available.
** Included by default as part of the vox system as of 8.2. See Speech modification with vox.

Important: Many third-party user applications exist, and while Nanite Systems encourages and supports experimentation with these creations, owners should be aware of the risks of installing software that has not been reviewed for safety and stability by certified programmers. Before installing software on your robot, it is important to ensure that you completely trust the software provider. Nanite Systems cannot guarantee the safety of programs acquired from third-party sources, nor provide support for them.

Creating new applications

To get started, look for the Companion 8 SDK at your NS retailer for information and sample code for developing custom applications. The standard distribution of Companion includes an application called 'Hello World' which you may find useful as a template. For more information, visit our online developer information portal, develop.ns.