Updating to the latest firmware

Current versions

  • Civilian hardware: Companion 8.4.5 (latest pre-release: 8.5 release candidate 3)
  • Security enhancements for civilian hardware: ATOS/E 12.0.7 (latest pre-release: 12.0.19)
  • Military hardware: ATOS/CX not yet available
  • Autonomous device hardware: ATOS/D not yet available

To check the current version of your OS, use the about command. To check the current version of ATOS Elements for Companion, use the sentinel or reset sentinel command.

Read more: What's the difference between ATOS/E and ATOS/CX?

Updating Companion

To install the latest version of Companion, come to Eisa Colony and run the following commands:

keychain save
xanadu connect xcentral:0
xanadu install Companion_8.4.5

(Remember to put an @ sign before each command if self-operating.)

For patch notes for this version of Companion, type the following commands:

xanadu connect xcentral:0
xanadu info Companion_8.4.5

For a complete version history, see the bug console.

Upgrading from legacy versions: System 8.0 through 8.2.1 did not support operating the package manager via the command line. For these versions, use the menu option manage > software > install > xcentral:0 > Companion_8.4.5 > install

Installing ATOS/E

ATOS/E is a suite of military extensions for the controller system. It adds support for heat management, automatic nanite repair, and reloading weapons, among other things. For full details, see here.

xanadu connect xpatch:1
xanadu install ATOS/E_12.0.7

(Remember to put an @ sign before each command if self-operating, and that this server is only available in Eisa.)

The ATOS/E installer will automatically remove any unnecessary ATOS/E-related files prior to installation, so the above commands can also be used to update an existing ATOS/E installation.

Removing ATOS/E

Type the following commands:

xanadu connect xcentral:0
xanadu install Remove-ATOS/E_12.0

Installing from an alternative location

Places listed on our store and services locations page which are described as having Xanadu service can be used as an alternative to Eisa if for some reason you are unable to travel to the colony. Instead of xcentral:0, you will need to connect to the local server, listed next to each location in bold. The historical release repository on xpatch:1 (described below) is only available at Eisa.

Downgrading to previous versions

For tracing the origins of software defects or working with pre-release builds, it is sometimes necessary or useful to return to older software versions. You are strongly discouraged from going regressing past the last minor release (e.g. downgrading from 8.4 to 8.3), as controllers that are newer than versions of the OS installed on them will have menu problems. Additionally, the system module layout changes between minor versions, potentially resulting in dead code (wasting memory) or unexpected and redundant behavior. To minimize the risk of unexpected consequences, it may be advisable to delete all system scripts except for _cortex, _xanadu-client, and _songbird prior to downgrading to an earlier minor version.

  1. Come to Eisa. (These instructions will not work elsewhere.)
  2. Connect to the server xpatch:1 using the command xanadu connect xpatch:1
    (As before, remember to include an @ at the start of the command if you are self-operating. Additionally, ensure that RLV is enabled and that your chat redirect is working properly with /1capture before attempting to use commands on yourself.)
  3. Get a list of the available software packages with xanadu list
    Not all versions that are available will be listed, especially for the OS you already have installed. For a complete index, find the xpatch:1 server in the Xanadu Server Center and edit it to view its contents.
  4. Select the package you wish to install, and then type xanadu install <package name>
    For example, to install Companion 8.4.0, type xanadu install Companion_8.4.0

Installing pre-release versions

For operating system projects like Companion, we follow the keyword scheme below for major (x.0) and minor (0.x) releases:

  • milestone (e.g. 8.5m1): Major development is on-going. The new version is missing major features and is not suitable for everyday use.
  • alpha (e.g. 8.4a1): Minor development is on-going. The new version is mostly complete, but is not suitable for everyday use.
  • beta (e.g. 8.4b1): Features are settled, and bugs are being found. Most users will not regularly encounter issues.
  • release candidate (e.g. 8.4rc1): The update is finished, but bugs are still likely. A release candidate may be promoted to a final release.

Additionally, when the development cycle is particularly slow between pre-release versions, we may put out a build identified by a date, e.g. 8.4b20160923. These are typically changed to point versions of milestones, e.g. 8.4m2.1.

ATOS/E pre-releases: These must usually be used in tandem with a corresponding pre-release of Companion. Mismatched versions will result in incompatibilities.

To install the current pre-release of Companion, use:

keychain save
xanadu connect xcentral:0
xanadu install Beta_8.5.0

If the package is not found, it may have been renamed to ensure compatibility when upgrading from one pre-release to another. Type xanadu list to see the full list of packages on the server.

To install the current pre-release of ATOS/E, use:

xanadu connect xcentral:0
xanadu install ATOS85_12.0.19