To update your ARES installation to the latest version:
  1. Check your current version. The most reliable way to check is with the @id command.
  2. The latest version of ARES is 0.3.1. What version of ARES are you upgrading from?
  • Because of database changes between each version, the ARES installer is not capable of downgrading the OS cleanly. Send a notecard to rhet0rica if you would like a reference copy of an older version.
  • The released version of 0.1.0 cannot be upgraded, so it is not possible to update to 0.1.1 (even though an installer for it exists). If you have this dinosaur, it's time to get a redelivery.
  • 0.1.2 can be installed normally onto 0.1.1, without setting the kernel version. You may need to reset the kernel first (with =ddt reset).
  • If you want to install the 0.1.3 patch onto a 0.1.1 system, you must first upgrade to 0.1.2. Replace all mentions of 0.3.1 with 0.1.2 in the instructions above, then complete them for version 0.1.3. It is not necessary to set the kernel version as this is only relevant to 0.1.4 and later.
  • 0.1.4 and above can be installed onto any earlier version (except 0.1.0) by following the normal instructions for your current version and changing the target version number as necessary.

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