This manual is still a work in progress. Some sections may be unfinished, or contain technical information better suited to The ARES Operating System. To maximize utility to the end user, available documentation is being provided as it is written.
  1. Power & Subsystem Management
  2. Identity   Name, gender, color, and other informative metadata
  3. Security
  4. Input   Chat control, chat filtering, and commands
  5. Devices
  6. Personas
  7. Navigation   Following, teleportation, and forced movement
  8. Combat & Damage
  9. Heat, Pressure, & Moisture
  10. Electromagnetic Radiation & Interference
  11. Filesystem Introduction
  12. Settings Storage
  13. Scripting ARES
  14. Managing Installed Software
  15. Interface Customization   How to rearrange, hide, or retexture parts of the ARES user interface
  16. Policies