New in 8.4 (milestone 5) is the ability to issue commands locally, a feature familiar to users of the popular OpenCollar property control system. This makes it convenient to control a unit without accessing its menus or using a remote control device (see Remote access.)

To issue a local command, type: /1<prefix><command>

For example, /1rhreboot would reboot a unit with the prefix "rh". By default, the prefix string is automatically determined from the first two characters of the unit's name, but it can be changed to any non-null string with the command commands prefix <new prefix>. Typing commands prefix default will restore the unit to automatically extracting its prefix from the unit's name.

To facilitate configuration, local command access is enabled by default. This utilizes the same permissions model as local menu access (see User management and access control), so unrecognized accessors will need to request the unit's consent to issue such commands. To control local command access, use the commands local command, e.g. commands local on or commands local off.

If the unit's prefix starts with a number, you can separate the channel, prefix, and command with spaces, e.g. /1 <prefix> <command>.