Not every device that NS has released for Companion is compatible with ARES yet, as the transition from old to new is still underway. This page will keep you apprised of what to expect during the conversion process. Color key:

Needs Replacement (4 left)SKULast Updated
Fixed (33 total)SKULast Updated
Reliable (53 total)SKULast Updated
Minor Defects (4 total)SKULast Updated
Partial Compatibility (4 total)SKULast Updated
Broken (8 left)SKULast Updated
Untested (9 left)SKULast Updated
Retired (1 total)SKULast Updated
Compatibility Details
See also the ARES Controller Info page to learn about the retrofit timeline and differentiation features for each main controller model.


All flicker scripts and passive devices
No protocol changes affect flicker (lighting) scripts.
SXDjr Main Controller01-0800-M 2 months ago
Charger 4.102-0103-K
Charger 4.102-0103-U
Cartouche (C/M)02-0184-G
Cartouche (M/T)02-0184-T
NS DAX/2 Main Controller02-0800-F 2 months ago
Complete redesign with "1978" aesthetic (part CBM PET, part H. R. Giger)
NS DAX/2 Mini Controller02-0800-M 2 months ago
Retextured with PBR emissive lid
NS DAX/T Main Controller02-0800-T 2 months ago
Branded version of DAX/2—provided as normal system + mod kit
NS-996 iKitten Main Controller02-0800-K2 months ago
Not available in stores. Must submit proof of completed iKitten avatar and own a normal DAX/2 to receive update
Wireless Charging Node02-9033-Q
NS DAX/3 Main Controller03-0800-F 2 months ago
NS DAX/3 Mini Controller03-0800-M 2 months ago
NS Sigma Ocu-Klaar Eyes03-6290-B
ODS 04-9063-D Radiant04-9063-D
Remote Management Console06-6008-C
Must trade in old remote for new combo box containing both Companion remote and ARemote
NS-478 Revenant Main Controller09-0478-X a month ago
NS-476 Aegis Main Controller (Refurbished)09-0800-R
Hunt prize; manual retrofit is extremely complicated
NS-476 Aegis Main Controller09-0800-S a month ago
NS-860 Jovian Main Controller09-0860-J a month ago
ECM-860 is included in retrofit; software differentiation will come later.
NS MESH-2100 Shield09-2100-C
May overheat during recharge.
NS Lightpoint Eyes10-0086-L
fw~ Clairvoyance Eyes10-9902-C
Not capable of being incompatible (no integration features)
NS Mentat Optics10-9903-M
Power Outlet CEE 7/312-0073-R 2 weeks ago
Increased cable range
Power Outlet NEMA 5-15R12-0515-R 2 weeks ago
Increased cable range
Grenade Synthesizer12-0901-A
Power Outlet FSD 12-5011-R12-5011-R 2 weeks ago
Increased cable range
Power Outlet Combo12-9999-R 2 weeks ago
Increased cable range
Metabolic Power Cell13-0001-B
(obsolete SKU)
Metabolic Power Cell13-0001-C
uRTG Radioisotope Power Cell13-0002-G
Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery13-0536-B
Sonofusion Power Cell13-7028-R
NS Boreas 6.1 Zinc-Oxide Fuel Cell13-2051-D
May display serial number incorrectly.
May display serial number incorrectly.
NS Polychrome Visor15-3022-A
Arecibo Main Controller19-3713-C 2 months ago
Bathyscaphe Shield22-0222-Z 3 months ago
Package includes ARES and Companion versions.
HPD Probe22-0377-Y
Unscripted Collars(various SKUs)
Devotion Collars(various SKUs)
Uses 'internal' message.
Type 44 Power Switch22-4001-Aa month ago
NS-24 Stallion22-5031-H
System warns about unknown 'metadata' message (should still function correctly); actual TESI support was never added due to low market interest
Aspida Shield22-8071-H
May cause overheating.
Nanoconnectivity Interface22-8801-P
CX/Supervisor Main Controller23-0000-S 2 months ago
NS-112 Aide Main Controller28-0800-S 2 months ago
NS-115 Scout Main Controller A29-0800-A 2 months ago
SKU for only redesigned unit with shell
NS-115 Scout Main Controller B29-0800-B 2 months ago
SKU for B/C (deconstructed, with and without lid) combo
NS-115 Scout Main Controller C29-0800-C 2 months ago
SKU for A/B/C combo
NS-115 Classic Scout Main Controller29-0800-M 2 months ago
Superseded by redesigned versions A/B/C in 2021.
NS-120 Mesta Main Controller31-0800-M 2 months ago
NS-226 Hephaestus Main Controller34-0800-M 2 months ago
NSX Fukushu36-8991-R
Uses 'internal' message to deal damage to unit.
NS-91F Arch44-0091-F
Gun SDK44-0092-A
NS-44T Fullstop44-0116-S
NS-823X Maxwell44-0823-X
Virada + Source45-2077-V
NSX ExARC47-2600-A
Diagnostics are Companion-centric; charging may require manual termination
ARC 47-9000-V47-9000-N
Nightfall Main Controller49-0800-F a month ago
Absolutely miserable to fix
Nightfall/S Main Controller49-0800-S a month ago
Branded version of Nightfall—provided as normal system + mod kit
DAX/2c Main Controller(no SKU)a month ago
Alternative branding package for Nightfall
Meteorological Station49-2301-K
Head Patter58-3303-H
New since ARES development began
NanAO59-3141-N a month ago
New since ARES development began
NS-64P Auto Tool64-2605-N
NS-2609 Restitutor64-2609-A
Urban Booth (Rental Kiosk)66-0203-X
New since ARES development began; rental support not yet available in ARES
Display Case66-320*-O
Uses private bus to control system
Museum Case66-3208-M
TESI Complete69-6969-C 2 months ago
Sexuality preview 1 ready
All handles and horns72-00**-*
Carrying uses internal message; can't read dresser location or apparel policy
All icons74-30**-*
Akashic Incandescence74-3990-A
Vintage PC Panel74-8001-R
Light Gauge74-8010-H
Standard OSL components74-900*-*
Tricolor Loadmeter74-9013-A
NanoCom Region Monitor80-6509-J
Archon Poleax81-9022-C
New since ARES development began
Antlion Land Mine88-0701-M
vFT.388.m9 Mobility Kit90-9388-M
vFT.904.k0 Sprocket Doll Key90-9904-K
Future undecided
Probably Fine?
ATOS Extras 94-1224-B94-1224-B
NS Paraphernalia95-0002-A
Not capable of being incompatible (no integration features)
Mantichrome Video Dress96-0001-A
Diagnostics are Companion-centric
Dance Stand97-0300-D
Demo Stand97-0300-F
Arachne X8 Diagnostics Platform97-0808-X
Diagnostics are Companion-centric
hierarchy/XNMS 1440/m98-1009-A
Domain client not yet available
xanadu 3500/e98-1029-C
ARES uses new protocol
Standard Duty Package99-0001-A
DAX/2 & Aegis
Compact Duty Package99-0002-A
DAX/2m & Scout
Civilian Service Package99-0003-A
DAX/2 & Aide
Active Duty Package99-0004-A
Aide & Aegis
VL8 SuperCortex99-0880-Z
Uses 'internal' message; needs conceptual rework
BaCdrive Main Controller99-0BAC-D
Will eventually receive alternative OS (WetWare) designed for cyborgs
BaCdrive Peripheral99-0BAC-P
Uses 'internal' message; expects special 'persona-eject' and 'persona-remove' messages.
oXq.205.4i Relic Controller99-2054-I 2 months ago
Obnoxious 'click-here-to-lock-controller' button removed.
oXq.205.8i Artifact Controller99-2058-I 2 months ago
oXq.663.1e Ocua Drone99-6631-E
OC Chassis Specification Unit EXB-8505OC-8505-S
Some features are now built into ARES; NanAO can provide temporary relief for CSU AO users; planning on redeveloping a similar (but better) product from scratch Q2/Q3 2024
OC Rechargeable Alkaline BatteryOC-93GN-3
VAR/I Main ControllerVI-0800-A a month ago
XSU Main ControllerXS-0800-A 2 months ago