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Release timeline and individual features

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Retrofitting: Now that we have entered the Beta phase, ARES is currently in the process of being rolled out to the full customer base. Adapting each controller to work with ARES takes time, and we are also using this opportunity to update some designs—specifically, the ancient prim-based monstrosities that are nearly 10 years old.

Differentiation: Additionally, we also want to make each system distinct in terms of functionality, so that it actually leans into its purpose from the official NS lore. This process will be done later and take somewhat longer.

Keep in mind that, when reading this list, the ARES operating system resides in the HUD, and main controllers now serve the role of providing an access panel, speaker, and battery socket; they only have one (or, at most, two) scripts inside. When Differentiation becomes available for a given system, it will be in the form of an installer that must be applied by the unit, not a pre-installed part of ARES itself.

Here is the list of tasks:

NSX-773 Rhodotron2023-11-21TBA
DAX/2 mini2024-01-17TBA
DAX/3 mini2024-01-17TBA
NS-120 Mesta2024-01-18TBA
NS-226 Hephaestus2024-01-20TBA
NS-115 Scout***2024-01-21TBA
oXq.205.4i Relic2024-01-23TBA
NS-112 Aide2024-01-30TBA
YS-712 XSU2024-02-02TBA
oXq.205.8i Artifact2024-02-06TBA
NS-119 Arecibo2024-02-14TBA
NS-476 Aegis2024-02-26TBA
NS-478 Revenant2024-02-26TBA
VAR/I Analyte2024-02-27TBA
NS-860 Jovian2024-02-28TBA
NS-409 Nightfall/32024-03-15TBA
NS-409 Nightfall/S**2024-03-15TBA
VAR/H MetropolisTBATBA
NS-304 DaybreakTBATBA
NS-476 Aegis (Refurbished)TBATBA
(new W '24 system)TBATBA

* Contact rhet0rica for assistance with this model.

** This is a customized version of the controller listed above it. The update for this controller consists of a purchase ticket for the base item plus a branding kit to reapply the custom logos.

*** Including variants.

See special notice regarding treasure hunt controllers, below.

In addition to being a hunt-only controller (see special notice below), this controller includes a full screen and will therefore be very labor-intensive to convert for the end user. Customers are encouraged to consider waiting for the next treasure hunt, for their own sanity...

Special notice regarding treasure hunt controllers

Controllers obtained during treasure hunts are not eligible for direct updates. Instead, DIY kits will be provided. This conversion kit will not include ARES. Users who obtained Companion through a treasure hunt and have never purchased a main controller from Nanite Systems will need to purchase a system before conversion kits will be useful.

Special case: BaCdrive

The BaCdrive is a cranial compact disc drive that is inserted into the head compartment, bisecting a special cortex. It was created by a third-party designer and released in early 2016 with the stipulation that it was for cyborgs only—not robots—and should not use battery power. Supporting the BaCdrive in Companion required special attention, and many builds of that OS fell short of full compatibility, leaving BaCdrive users stranded or otherwise inconvenienced.

Going forward, Nanite Systems intends to produce a variant of ARES called WetWare that is aimed specifically at the cyborg market. WetWare will replace robot combat and power management features with meatier alternatives. Likewise it will have its own access panels, mainly in the form of neck ports inspired by Ghost in the Shell and Cyberpunk. We do not have a timeline for when this will become available, but it seems very clear to us that the BaCdrive would be better served by waiting for WetWare rather than the half-measure of grafting its unique requirements into the current ARES codebase. We realise that waiting is never fun, but as the BaCdrive has always been a very niche item, there are only a handful of customers who will be left without any access to ARES as a result of this delay.

Special case: Sprocket doll key

The Sprocket key runs a variant of Companion 8.6 called Clockwork. This OS strips down certain power-user features in favor of a more approachable minimalism that could plausibly be implemented by a very sophisticated mechanical automaton with few or no electronic components. In particular, Clockwork has no HUD; since ARES is all HUD, this is an obvious conflict of philosophy.

We originally intended to leave the Sprocket alone, as a treasure of a bygone age—a rather fitting fate, considering its aesthetics and lore. However it is possible that some units will find it attractive as an access panel for ARES if it is converted into an exclusive power source. This would consist of giving it an internal battery (similar to the Magitech) and blocking all other sources of charging through software settings. (Note that this is categorically different from the BaCdrive, which is supposed to have no battery at all.)

We will be collecting ideas and thoughts on the fate of the Sprocket during future @beacon meetings.

Differentiation specifics

Note: All plans for Differentiation features should be understood as tentative. They are not promises. They are subject to change.

SystemRoleSpecial HardwareSpecial SoftwareBundled ApplicationsRecommended Extensions
CX/Supervisorindustrial process controlSCADA adapter, PDS source modeSCADA interfacecorrado, mail, proximity, pds, con, tell, bug, schedule, chorus, ai, remote, domainUPLINK, DIVE
NSX-773 RhodotronX-ray crystallography, particle accelerator maintenanceGeiger counter, radiation hardening (intensity reduction)pds, scidb, define, calcUPLINK, DIVE
physical and emotional intimacyarousal lighting response, hip lights
SXDjr: barcode tattoo kit
extra vox dictionariesrestraint, hookup, transponder, lore, domain, rent
DAX/2 only: chorus
DAX/2 mini
DAX/3 mini
physical intimacyarousal lighting response
iKittenphysical intimacyplastic bumper, extra sparking when damagedtranslated personas
NS-120 Mestaindustrial manufacturingsupport nanites, PDS source modemilitarizerpds, arenaDIAG, WARRIOR
NS-226 Hephaestuswarehouse management, construction
(new W '24 system)TBATBATBATBATBA
NS-115 Scoutlogistics management, courier, reconnaissanceflight/run boostermilitarizermail, calc, news, lore, define
oXq.205.4i RelicconciergeEMP bomb rezzer, graf sprayerLilitic personascon, lore, proximity, restraint, domain
NS-112 Aidecombat medic, surgical assistant, nursing, secretarial workhealing tool, sirenmilitarizerscidb, arena, define
YS-712 XSUhousekeeping, physical intimacysocket adapterrestraint, hookup, arenaSEXUALITY, WARRIOR
oXq.205.8i Artifactpilot surrogateflight/run booster, fuel cellLilitic personas, militarizercon, lore, arenaWARRIOR
NS-119 Arecibodeep-space radio communications, SETIwideband scanner, First Contact array, fuel cellgolden record media, scour, spychorus, tell, wander, remote, conUPLINK
NS-476 Aegisfront-line combatNS-476A illumination variantmilitarizerarenaWARRIOR
NS-478 Revenantmulti-roleNS-478A illumination varianthookup, pal, restraint, rent, arena, pdsWARRIOR, SEXUALITY
VAR/H Metropolislaboratory automationGeiger counter, radiation hardening (duration reduction)scidb, wander, land
VAR/I Analytenuclear reactor maintenance, BSL-4+ remote operation, bomb disposal
NS-860 Joviansignals intelligence, network warfarewideband scanner, radiation hardening (chance to ignore)ECM-860 EMP, spy, scourcon, tell, remoteWARRIOR, WARDECK, DIVE, DIAG
NS-409 Nightfall/3bodyguarding, policing, private securitysiren, cuffs, fuel cellspycon, tell, news, lore, land, arenaWARRIOR, WARDECK
NS-304 Daybreakhousekeepingrestraint, fortune, mantra, chorus
Magitechintegrated batteryspy, militarizerchorus
PsyDSARES development systemSDK and DDKsspyarena, bug, con, land, schedule, proximity, restraint, pipet, remote, pds, mail, dispatch, lslisp, find, tellall

Special Hardware

Certain controllers will come with extra firmware features inside the controller itself, or with additional accessory attachments to be used by the unit.

SCADA adapter
A large robotic arm and storage bay that allows the unit to become part of a building. (CX/Supervisor)
PDS source mode
The ability to transfer power out of the unit and into the local PDS network. (CX/Supervisor, NS-120 Mesta, NS-226 Hephaestus)
Geiger counter
Clicking noises when the unit is exposed to radiation. (NSX-773 Rhodotron, VAR/H Metropolis, VAR/I Analyte)
Radiation hardening
Mitigation against EM interference. (NSX-773 Rhodotron: reduced intensity; VAR/H Metropolis and VAR/I Analyte: reduced duration; NS-860 Jovian: chance to ignore instances)
Arousal lighting response
Main controller lighting switches to color 3 (positive) when sexually aroused. (SXD, SXDjr, DAX/2, DAX/2m, DAX/3, DAX/3m)
Hip lights
Ornamental status lights consisting of six diodes down the right thigh. (SXD: spherical; SXDjr: cubic.)
Plastic bumper
Cheap-sounding plastic noises when the unit collides with anything. (iKitten)
Extra sparking when damaged
Most controllers only flicker their lights in the !broken state—this one sparks, too. (iKitten)
Support nanites
Self-repair nanites will periodically target nearby damaged ATOS-aware devices and units, and heal them. (NS-120 Mesta, NS-226 Hephaestus)
Flight/run booster
Previewed in the 2023 treasure hunt, this consists of a jetpack for use in no-flight parcels and a run speed enhancer. (NS-115 Scout, oXq.205.8i Artifact)
EMP bomb rezzer
The ability to spend a large amount of battery power to generate a time-delay EMP bomb. (oXq.205.4i Relic)
Graf sprayer
For putting up temporary signs at evacuation shelters, but only in a language you can't read. (oXq.205.4i Relic)
Healing tool
A melee-range, syringe-like stimulator device that grants 25 health to a nearby ATOS/H or WetWare user. 30 second recharge time. (NS-112 Aide)
An emergency services siren with several different lighting and sound presets. (NS-112 Aide, NS-409 Nightfall/3)
Socket adapter
A riser for fitting the controller onto standard bodies. (XSU)
Wideband scanner
A configurable listening device that detects traffic on thousands of SL chat channels simultaneously. Extremely bad for sim performance—use sparingly. (NS-119 Arecibo, NS-860 Jovian)
First Contact array
Lights and speakers for opening up contact with aliens without the use of language. (NS-119 Arecibo)
Illumination variant
The normal version of this controller has minimal lighting to reduce its EM profile under combat conditions. A less-clandestine alternative is included, to be used as a dress uniform and during marketing promotions. (NS-476 Aegis, NS-478 Revenant)
A device for handcuffing fugitives. (NS-409 Nightfall/3)
Integrated battery
The controller contains a MetaCell-compatible power source that cannot be ejected or replaced. (Magitech)
Fuel cell
The controller is sold bundled with a MetaCell-compatible power source for promotional reasons. (NS-409 Nightfall/3 and NS-119 Arecibo: one-hour regenerative fuel cell; oXq.205.8i Artifact: adjustable four-hour Boreas Zinc-Oxide fuel cell)
SDK and DDKs
The controller is sold bundled with all applicable software and device development kits. These are available separately, and some of them are free. (PsyDS)

Special Software

Certain controllers will come with actual install media for programs that are not generally available. Installing these programs is optional, and they will work regardless of what controller you wear with them, but they can only be obtained through purchasing a controller that includes them.

SCADA interface
A display program for controlling networked appliances in a building, such as lighting, doors, machinery, and electronics. (CX/Supervisor)
Extra vox dictionaries
Word-replacement dictionaries for various roleplay scenarios. (SXD, SXDjr, DAX/2, DAX/3, DAX/2 mini, DAX/3 mini)
Translated personas
A collection of badly-translated personalities based on archetypes from manga. (iKitten)
Removes or hides features not needed by combat-only units. Non-reversible, but may need to be reapplied after OS upgrades. (NS-120 Mesta, NS-226 Hephaestus, NS-112 Aide, NS-115 Scout, oXq.205.8i Artifact, NS-476 Aegis, Magitech)
Lilitic personas
A collection of personalities written in a strange language. (oXq.205.4i Relic, oXq.205.8i Artifact)
Golden record media
Sound and image files inspired by the Voyager Golden Record, meant for use with the First Contact array. (NS-119 Arecibo)
Control program for the wideband scanner. (NS-119 Arecibo, NS-860 Jovian)
Reports the status and attachments of other avatars—without their consent. (NS-119 Arecibo, NS-860 Jovian, NS-409 Nightfall/3, Magitech, PsyDS)
(NS-860 Jovian)


Applications are free command-line programs that can be obtained from the ARES Xanadu Software Service by any unit. Controllers with bundled applications will include directives in their files to automatically download these applications. Not all applications listed here are available yet.


Posts queries to OpenAI's ChatGPT service. (Non-free service; API key required.)
Integration with ATOS Arena (ATOS/A) for competitive combat in a controlled environment. HUD display of game status, rule enforcement, teleporting to spawn. Development suspended pending release of LLCS 2.0.
Files a deet bug directly to the ARES defect tracker.
Basic calculator application with operator precedence.
Causes the unit to speak any message received on the 'announcement' channel.
Access to an anonymous grid-wide chatroom. (Clone of Drone Concordance.)
Wrapper for Corrade client.
Look up subjects on MediaWiki sites.
Connector library for running programs in response to OS events.
Client for Hierarchy/XNMS; used to roll out and standardize settings and users across a large number of units.
Filters text for a certain string or pattern using a subset of regular expressions.
Displays messages from GNU fortune.
Somewhere between F-list, wixxx, and Tinder for roleplayers and units.
Look up topics related to a sim's local roleplay.
LISP-like programming language with strong recursion and severe memory problems.
Sends email using llEmail().
Self-hypnosis aid that displays a two-layered spinning spiral on the screen along with custom text messages and relaxing synthetic wave crash sound effects.
Presents RSS feed updates as alerts.
HUD application; clone of Adobe Color.
Configuration utility for Power Distribution Service network.
Attempts to intercept other chat redirects. (Similar to Companion's chat forwarding output pipe.)
Triggers events when a certain avatar (or any avatar) is nearby.
Sends commands to another unit using llEmail() or a dedicated uplinkd server.
Facilitates integration with rental booths. Automatically adds a temporary user and then returns the unit to the booth at the end of the alloted rental time.
Multi-source RLV relay.
Runs programs at prespecified times.
Accesses information from biomedical databases.
Sends a single chat message to a given target on a specified channel.
Emulates the NanoSec Property Tracking System transponder.
Tool for generic HTTP GET and POST.


These applications are either currently available on AXSS or under development, but are not currently bundled with any controller.

Posts messages to the Mastodon social network. (Free account and API key required.)


These applications come with every ARES system and are kept up-to-date by OS upgrades.

Package manager.
Database utility.
Standard chat filter bundle.
Collates the command reference and other .info files.
Adjusts the unit's identity settings.
Displays pictures and plays sounds and animations.
Manages the unit's current personality.
Prints text files over a pipe.
Controls the chat filtering system.
Tool for displaying interactive slideshows.
Stores the output of a program in an environment variable.

Recommended Extensions

Extensions are OS add-on products that are sold separately. If an extension is listed as recommended for a given system, a leaflet containing an advertisement for it will be included with the purchase.

Also known as TESI. Simulates sexual arousal, orgasm, and cryolubricant management. Replacement for Companion's EMOTION.
Zone-based damage, weapon switcher, power malfunctions. Replacement for canceled ATOS/CX project.
Simulates malware, software malfunctions, and more. Problems can only be fixed by the unit's owner or an authorized technician.
Enables telepresence, using direct remote control of one unit by another.
Connects to paid subscription service for web-based unit management.
Hacking minigame.