Advanced Research Encapsulation System
System Manual

Last updated: 26-Jun-2024

System commands: ax, calc, db, device, display, exec, filter, fs, help, id, input, media, menu, nav, persona, pkg, power, policy, proc, security, type, tell, vox, wiz, xset
exec Shell built-in commands: alias, do, echo, exit, from, if, jump, say, set, service, to
Daemons (call with service): baseband, effector, hardware, interface, io, repair, scheduler, status, storage, variatype
System extensions (available separately): dive, domain, restraint, sexuality (and its frontend lust), uplink, warrior
Other topics: arena, autoexec, autonomy, av-caps, basics, combat, expressions, hw-caps, interference, monitor, kernel, public, rules, sources, subsystems, trigger,
Meta: license, quickref

Please select a topic with @help <topic> or click a link above if using the online help viewer.

To see a list of help files installed by unbundled applications, run the command @fs info

If you are unsure of where to start, try the topic basics.

Some commonly-used system commands are actually aliases (shortcuts) for other commands. See alias for a list of default aliases.

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