Membership in a domain allows your unit to automatically download settings from a central server. Domain settings are automatically synchronized at the next opportunity if the server's configuration changes, ensuring that your unit remains up-to-date at all times. Paired with a Xanadu Package Service (XPS) server, domains can even acquire and update software packages, allowing them to deliver personas, applications, Arabesque scripts, and more.

Domain functionality requires Companion 8.4.0 or later and a compatible server providing the Xanadu Network Management Service (XNMS) protocol. For more information on XNMS, see the XNMS server manual.

The network security manager (NSM) module in Companion is called hierarchy. It governs domain and guest access control, which can respectively be controlled through the domain and guests commands.

Connecting to a domain server

To see the list of domain servers in the current region, run the command domain search. If no domains are available, this command produces no response.

Once a domain has been located, you may join it with domain set <name>. This will automatically initiate a domain synchronization, which you may also trigger manually with domain sync. Note that the unit must be in the same region as the domain server to perform these operations.

WARNING: Joining a domain will overwrite the unit's user list and may optionally lock it, preventing further changes until the unit leaves the domain. This may result in changes to your level of access at the decision of the domain operator, and is equivalent to transferring ownership of the unit to the domain's administrator(s). If the domain is configured to lock the user list, then it may be difficult or impossible to leave, as the entire keychain command, including the keychain reset subcommand, is disabled. Ensure that you fully understand the risks and consequences of domain membership before joining.

Leaving a domain

To leave a domain, use domain clear. This can be performed at any time; the controller will notify the server of its extirpation when it is next in the same region. Be aware that if the domain is set to have closed (private) membership, then the domain operator will need to manually re-add the unit before it can join the domain again.