Subsystems disabled after teleport or login
Symptoms: Following a teleport or attaching the controller (including during login), certain subsystems will be automatically disabled, despite appearing to be enabled in the @power command and the subsystems menu. Typically affected subsystems include mind, rapid, teleport. Other subsystems possibly affected by this problem may include preamplifier, power-amplifier, receiver, and transmitter.

Cause: An unhandled edge case in the battery recognition code causes the controller to apply the emergency power template when no battery is detected, and to continue applying the emergency power template even after the battery's current charge level is registered. This issue affects all versions of System 8.1, System 8.2, System 8.3, and Companion 8.4. Further details are available at the myNanite Notices Archive.

Solution: While the most common advice given to those experiencing these issues is to apply a power profile, e.g. @profile full, the problem will recur following the next teleport or attachment. To permanently resolve the issue, perform an SSM reset, as described below:

How to perform a standard SSM reset
Type the following commands in local chat. They can also be performed by another user (without the leading @ sign) using a remote console or through local command access.

@reset bonds
@reset power

If these commands fail with a 'forbidden' message, you can alternatively use a VectorLogix Diagnostics Bed. Lie on the bed and access the advanced menu, then choose SSM reset.

The unit will need to be powered on after the SSM reset is complete.